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Shipping & Delivery

Within 6 hours after your order is paid, we will confirm your specific needs with you according to the content of your order, such as: elements or themes in LOGO/ICON; confirm your commercial content and finalize the best advertising words for you.

Brand Design
We will send the first version of the LOGO/ICON/FONT watermark image within 48 hours after confirming all the requirements with you to confirm and communicate with you the details that need to be revised. We can modify the design draft for you up to 3 times. After the last modification is completed, we will send your clear version without watermark to your registered email address on this website. When the final version is sent, we will consider the order completed.

The delivery of marketing-related orders will be carried out according to the content described in the product details. For the specific delivery process, please confirm with us online/email after placing the order.


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